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I am running against the incumbent Rep. Rick Larsen. He is against the Green New Deal and he supports censoring free speech that is anti-Israel (anti-Zionists) at colleges. I disagree with Rep. Larsen failure to speak truth workers about how bad the future looks. Instead he speaks only about how much he is doing at creating jobs and stimulating the economic growth.

I am also running against Jason Call another Democrat. He is not demanding a new public Congressional investigation of 9/11 just like Rep. Larsen is not doing so. Mr. Call also supports legalizing all recreational/addictive drugs that are presently illegal. I am happy with the present laws regarding this subject.

Video classes Part 2, about the science of 9/11 truth

Richard McManus for Congress WA, 2nd Congressional District

The US is now a dictatorship

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We are waking up to the fact that we live in a dynastic oligarchy where some 47 super rich kings and some 130 billionaire princes rule for the most part.

Here is are my answers for a questionnaire made to weed out the psycho-talkers (non-assertive and stupid candidates.)
Questions every candidate for local, county, and state public office needs to answer before citizens endorse her/him. Candidates may feel the need to explain their answer(s) if they so choose. And refusing to answer some questions also tells us a lot about the candidate.

Do you believe people have actually seen an alien being or space ship (aka UFOs from out-space); notwithstanding that people have seen strange things/lights in the sky that are unexplained?

Do you believe the AFT and the FBI officers wanted to kill children at WACO?

Do you believe that the US government has recovered parts of an alien out-space craft, or aliens brought any technology to earth and that is the reason we humans now have it?

Do you believe that Nikola Tesla invented unlimited, free energy and the energy producing, companies are keeping it secret?

Do you believe that people can somehow predict what will happen in the future, communicate with dead people, and read other people's thoughts?

Do you believe in ghosts, human vampires, and/or demons?

Do you believe that the US did not really landed a man on the moon?

Do you believe that the holocaust of the Jews did not happened?

Do you believe that our national income tax is unconstitutional?

Do you believe that global warming is a myth or is not man-made?

Do you believe that low levels of fluoride used to prevent tooth decay in our drinking water, is poisoning people.?

Do you believe vaccines cause autism?

Do you believe we will never run out of CHEAP oil sooner or later?

Do you believe depleted uranium was NOT a war crime even though it harms civilians for generations during and after the war and there is no depletion in the level of harm to human health from the nuclear radiation?

And I do not believe the above statements are true.

Are thorium molten salt reactors safer and should replace present nuclear reactors? YES
Do you think that every candidate to including local, county, and state candidates should be required to answer all the above questions regarding national issues because these questions go directly to the heart of a candidate’s character and sense of justice? YES

Bernie Sanders Supporters for 9/11 Truth


the US is now a federal dictatorship

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