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The following is a link to a site that lists lost skills:

I think it might be useful for many of us that are seeing a need for a career change or direction because it offers a stimulus for brainstorming. It is a very extensive list! Like ...we may want to become amazing knitting fanatics! (see attached file)

I would love to hear if it was useful to anyone as I may want to use it in other ways.


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I get a newsletter from the Wilderness Awareness School and found this skill building instruction on it. I thought you all might enjoy it. Also be aware that we have other organizations in the county that are pulling together to teach primitive and nature skills ( as well as some activity up at Bodhi Creek Farm with Cody Beebe!

Nature Skills:
Giving Life to Fire

by Nate Summers, Anake Leadership Program Coordinator and Anake Outdoor School core instructor

It's a cold, wet rainy day with a steady drizzle and iron grey clouds overhead. Forty degrees with a steady wind from the northwest is chilling you to the bone and making your fingers numb. As you walk along the edge of a creek the bank begins to give way. You scramble up barely avoiding a soaking. Your friend behind you is not so lucky. A quick reach of your hand helps pull them out, but now they are soaked to the waist through their waterproof rain pants. You can see them start to shiver.

There's only so much time to act, and so you move quickly. Sitting them down beneath a hemlock tree, you quickly start to gather the dead, dry wire thin branches and make a hefty bundle. Checking the trunk you find a wad of pitch that leaks from an old wound. Sticking it in the middle of your bundle, you turn it over and pull the lighter from your pocket. A quick flick and the flame from the lighter quickly licks at the bottom of the bundle and soon you have to set the bundle down. Now you add thicker branches from under the hemlock and from underneath a nearby cedar.

Soon, you and your friend are soaking in the warmth and light from a fire you built in under five minutes. Thank goodness for Nature Skills. Next time, you'll have to show them how to use the bow-drill kit you made at the class...
The following is a book review - the title of the book is 'Surviving and Thriving on the Land' by Rebecca Laughton. It looks like an amazingly useful and practical book. Thought you might enjoy.

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