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Joining the ROE caucuses
We have started a Running on Empty (ROE) caucus of Washington State Democrats . We have also started a national ROE caucus. The goal of this caucus is to bring more emphasis by our Party to the coming end of cheap oil and natural gas which will result in an extreme disaster.

To become a member of our caucus we require some more information from you. If you agree or basically agree with the following statements and you are a Democrat, then we will accept you into our caucus.

1. There are no sustainable energy sources that will rescue us at our current population levels.

2. Population reduction must be a part of any plan to rationally deal with peak oil (the end of cheap oil, natural gas, and coal), global climate change, biological/species decline, and natural resource depletion.

3. Global climate change will only be mitigated with extremely stringent emissions policies that reduce consumption rates and this must be done before fossil fuels are depleted.

4. Absent immediate attention to peak oil, our government and/or political system have no chance whatsoever to react soon enough to help us.

Books about Problem(s)

Richard Heinberg The Party's Over
Richard Heinberg Power down
James Kunstler The Long Emergency
Thom Hartmann Unequal Protection
David Korten Agenda for a New Economy

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Well, I basically agree with these four statments, but the problem I see with them is that they only represent the doomiest and gloomiest parts of the truth. Completely missing from this list are the POSITIVE directions that we need to move in as a society (ie: reskilling, localizing) in order to survive and prosper. I am glad the Democrats have a caucus of people concerned about energy issues, but they could learn a few things from the language and intention of the Transition movement!
The people who have joined our ROE caucus of Democrats, are also active in sustainablity issues or groups.

One has to live with a positive outlook.

Our hope is to get the idea of the need to reduce the population into the Democratic Party platform. I have tried to get even a statement that population growth is a problem into my Snohomish County Party platform, but it was watered down so much, it lost it whole meaning.

Here is an interesting piece of news.

Quiverfull movement a Christian Fundamentalist Group and Spiritual Warfare

March 30, 2009.

Psalm 127, which reads: "Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. ..."

The reality, though, is that a growing number of American Christian fundamentalists also have rejected feminism and egalitarianism, embracing instead male dominance ( "the Christian patriarchy movement") and what they call the "Quiverfull" belief system. The women in such communities live within a stringently enforced doctrine of wifely submission and male "headship," including a selfless acceptance of possibly constant pregnancies and as many children under foot as God might bring. They reject not only "reproductive rights" of any kind, but also higher education and workforce participation for women.

In her book Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement, journalist Kathryn Joyce approaches Quiverfull followers with deep curiosity and the restraint of a good journalist. In a recent interview, she discussed the beliefs and lifestyle of inequaity that has taken a foothold in corners of American society.
* * *

Mark Karlin: You wrote the book called Quiverfull, Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement. In the beginning of the book, you give an overview of what the Quiverfull movement is. Can you describe it to us?

Kathryn Joyce: Quiverfull itself is a movement and a conviction among deeply conservative, theologically conservative Christians and pro-life purists who believe that you should accept as many children as God will give you ....So it's kind of a dual emphasis on accepting as many children as God will give you, both as a demonstration of radical trust and obedience in God and also a really concerted effort to win the culture wars demographically. From Psalm 127, a lot of emphasis is placed on militaristic imagery, particularly arrows. So the children become the arrows of the parents, part of their tools of war, in order to go out against the enemy.

They put a lot of stress on the fact that Christians need to remember that their way of being in the world is a way of being at war with the world,

...white Europeans, are not having enough children, so this is necessitating vast immigration. They talk about the demographic winter in Europe, which is not to say a concern for a lack of enough total babies being born, but a lack of the right babies. I think there's a very strong racial undercurrent, when they talk about demography as a crisis, or underpopulation, or declining fertility rates as a crisis, because they're talking about declining white fertility rates, not declining worldwide fertility rates. A lot of churches are starting to move against contraception, which is kind of the core of Quiverfull's real practical thrust -- that contraception is wrong.

Mike Huckabee signed on to their 1998 doctrinal statement that women need to submit to their husbands, so this is something that's very much a part of mainstream faith. But it's tied much more closely than people acknowledge with these much more extreme elements. It's not a particular church or denomination, Sarah Palin was part of something called the spiritual warfare movement. Spiritual warfare is not necessarily to be aligned with a literal militaristic way of talking about things. But when people start to talk about spiritual warfare and the Quiverfull movement, then they are people who talk about reclaiming the city of San Francisco for the faithful, or saying we can reclaim Massachusetts for the faithful. We can take over both houses of Congress, and we can take over the government. They are advocating an extremely conservative and extremist anti-sex philosophy.

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