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Israel’s Influence on Congress and Government Agencies

Israel’s Influence on Congress and Government Agencies

blocked The following guy speaking on this subject was blocked by U-Tube

Former senior CIA officer Israel not an ally its an enemy of USA.

False charges of anti-Semitism are being used to destroy people’s reputations

Add to the 2018 WA State Democratic Party Platform


We support:
• End all foreign aid to Israel ended because Israel has violated a total 69 violations UN Resolutions regarding Palestine, it is relative prosperous nation , Israel gets approximately one-third of the American foreign-aid budget, and some 60 percent of Americans want it to end.
• Demanding Israel to abandon its 150-to 300 nuclear weapons and sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
• Ending the tax deduction for contributions to Jewish charities (aka Israeli charities) which costs other US tax payers some $280 million to $390 million annually and amounts to tax-deductible contributions to a foreign government, yet this does not exist for any other country.
• Requiring The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the largest foreign lobby in the US and whose parent organization the American Zionist Council, requiring them to register as a foreign agent and which they have refused to do since May 1963 when President Kennedy order them to do so in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
• Repealing the US Custom regulation authorizing Israelis to enter the US without a VISA while Israel refuses to allow US citizen to enter Israel without a VISA.
• Ending the $9 billion trade defects with Israel that for the past ten years has totaled some $100 billion and resulted in 120,000 jobs in Israel.
• Ending the agreement that allows Israel to use approximately 26 percent of US military aid to purchase equipment from Israeli manufacturers.

More about FDR to Obama were pressured by Zionists

How Israel stole our nuke bomb technology and enriched uranium

Concerted attempts to silence criticism of Israel in the U.S”

MORE see



• Changing the US Federal and State holiday on the second Monday of the month of October (aka Columbus Day, Native American Day, or Discoverers’ Day) to “Election Day” in November.
• Repeal of sections 1021 and 1022 (counter-terrorism) of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) /Public Law 112-81 which President Obama signed and which defined part or all of the US as a theater of war and using the words, “pending disposition under the law of war” which means that once a person (suspected of being a terrorist) is placed into a military jail or US POW camp by any US military commander, she/he has no right to be told what law they violated, no right to have a lawyer or to have communication with or visit(s) with her/his family, nor right to submit a writ of habeas corpus. And the only right he/she has is that under international law whereby the Red Cross must be allowed to inspect the jail and must be given the names of those held in jail.

We must strive to be responsible stewards of the environment, so future generations, have clean air, water, and a healthy and sustainable environment. In the future we will run out of cheap oil and natural gas and it is taboo to talk about this within the Democratic Party, and when the price of gasoline and diesel fuel hits $15.00 per gallon we will not be growing the economy and job.

We Oppose:
• The Trumps administration is cutting some $230 million in funding for the clean up the Hanford nuclear reservation.
• The Trumps administration has proposed cutting the 2019 funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by 23 percent or cutting $2.5 billion.
• The EPA has absorbed a 20 percent cut since 2010.
• Liquid fluoride (salt) thorium reactors (LFTR) although they appear safer than a traditional pressurized water reactor they also add to the volume of radioactive waste to that already an extremely unsafe and expensive problem.
• All nuclear reactors because they are not safe, clean, or green.
• Sending public money towards finding more fossil fuels because doing so prevents achieving internationally our agreed temperature goals will hopefully maintain a stable climate.
• G20 governments spending more than $78 billion of public money per year to subsidize exploration for fossil fuels and subsidizing US fossil fuel companies by some $4 to $7 billion per year proposed in Trumpster’s 2019 budget.
• Using public money to fund electricity generation by coal burning plants.
• Smart electric meters that broadcast radio frequency energy that is harmful to human health inside the house.
• Placing Wi-Fi transmitters in schools with very young children and when they are placed in schools that the transmitters are a safe distance from the people in the school.
• Placing cell phone towers too close to buildings when people live and work, especially where young children routinely are.

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The rule of law is a prerequisite for civil society.

We Support:

• No public official or candidate should speak in favor for violating the law, for example, sanctuary cities, nor be endorsed or supported by the Democratic Party.
• All public officials and candidates have a special duty to insure the law is faithfully executed and therefore when they fail to speak up and demand the prosecution of Bush et al for war crimes and lying to Americans about the non-existent Iraqi WMDs and former Lt. Gen. James Clapper for lying to Congress, and they should be prosecuted for Misprision of felony 18 U.S.C. § 4, which states, “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known to the court or as a member of the US Congress fails to make a motion for impeachment or fails to vote for a bill of impeachment, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
• If the Democratic Party does not stand up for the prosecution of Bush et al for war crimes and former Lt. Gen. James Clapper for lying to Congress, it thereby becomes an accessory after to these crimes.
• Prosecuting Hillary Clinton and her aids for transmitting classified top secret/SAP national security information via a non-NSA approve server and cell phone, the crime of criminal negligence in violation of Federal law and given that NSA copies every email and saves that data in the Stellar Wind facility in Utah, the FBI sure as hell can recover evidence stored on the hard drives that Hillary et al destroyed or deleted (aka obstruction of justice).
• Repeal “Three Strikes” sentencing requirement.
• Increasing the funding for local and state police officers, so they always have a timely back up.
• The death penalty, as it gives prosecutors the tool to entice a confession and thereby helps eliminating costly and lengthy appeals by the defense.
• The death penalty because it is a statement that we trust our justice system when based on open and shut evidence, like DNA.
• The death penalty for the disability or death of a prison guard or another prisoner and for continuing to operate a mafia outfit from prison.
• Stop, detain, and/or frisk in areas of a city or county which a judge has authorized by the police due to a history of known drug trafficking or gang crimes.
• The State law regarding marijuana.
• Expunging local and state convictions for the possession of marijuana and sale of it.
• Asset seizures being based after court conviction rather than mere arrest or presumption of guilt.
• Reducing the time it takes to test the evidence of a rape.
• Outlawing assault rifles with the understanding that repeated campaigning for increased gun control laws greatly helps Republicans to win elections.
• A more rational understanding of crime, accepting that is ship (sic) happens vs. demanding more and more crime prevention.
• Our state and local police for their brave actions with regard to peaceful protest rallies and marches.
• We support the police arresting suspects in domestic violence, a policy that was changed for the good back in the 1980s.
• Increased funding to build a larger Snohomish County Court house and for operation of our County court operations.
• Outlawing protest rallies or marches that block vehicle traffic in areas of a city with high rise buildings like downtown Seattle and interstate highway I-5 which can cause extreme traffic congestions and thereby delay emergency first responders.
• Passing a law against everyone hanging around within 100 yards (about one city block) nearby a group of masked people (a riot) doing property damage or attacking the police and making this behavior subject to a $1,000 fine.

• We call for civilian review of police practices by municipal boards to prevent abuses of police power, including racial profiling; notwithstanding police brutality is a non-issue in our County.
• The mission of jails and prisons should be to make prisoners into honorable people vs. strictly punishment.
• Funding of our federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies are just as important to funding the Department of Defense.
• Using drones in law enforcement.
• Prosecution of every federal law enforcement agent and state and local police officer who was tipped-off by an NSA official and therefore committed perjury for not telling a judge the true reason for suspicion that led him/her to begin an investigation resulting in the arrest.
• The current program of doing background checks in order to purchase a gun.
• Using body cameras attached to state and local police officers.
• Continued enforcement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public.

We oppose:
• Any Democratic Party protestations regarding the large number of prisoners in US jails as is commonly compared with other nations - people are in jail because of crimes they committed, PERIOD.
• Protesting the so-called “militarization” of our police, this is a non-issue.
• The hypothesis that African American lives do not matter because we believe the police deeply care about serving and protecting everyone – we have come a long ways in fighting racism.
• Increasing funding for the so-called opioid crisis because only one out of seven heroin, meth, etc. addicts can be treated/helped to be a non-addict for a period of time longer than five years, and this is just another example of “ship (sic) happens.”
• Privatizing prisons and jails.
• Protesters/cowards wearing masks to hide the identity.
• The crazy idea that crime prevention is more cost effective than incarceration, again “ship (sic) happens” and law and order costs money.
• Hate crimes.
• Contracting out private military force like Blackwater to reinforce the National Guard and/or local police in national disaster.
• Solitary confinement of prisoners as a tool to teach them to behave better.
• The routine practice of taking of DNA without being convicted of a felony.
• NSA miss-using its authority to do “one-hops” after getting a FISA warrant, and in so doing NSA has been tipping-off other federal law enforcement about “common crime” (a “common crime” only means any crime other than terrorist and espionage cases, and notwithstanding every American needs to understand that ALL electric means of communication is collected by NSA and every bit of it stored forever and can be retried by NSA analyst when investigating a person as a suspected terrorist or person suspected of spying by a foreign intelligence service.

Internet neutrality is fundamental to preserve the value of the Internet for the public. The corporate news media has been grossly negligence in their reporting about the scientifically irrefutable evidence about 9/11 that point to the official story as being totally false.

We support:
• Increased funding for public radio and public television.
• Ensuring that rural Americans have access to modern communications infrastructure.
• The right of journalist not to disclose their sources or the forced surrender their unpublished material collected during news gathering, such as notes (aka Shield laws)
• Requiring the teaching in our public schools US history classes about CIA’s Operation Mockingbird which during the Cold War they did propaganda directed at Americans and that former Presidents used public affairs officers to do this as well (lying to Americans).

We oppose:
• The US military psychological operators doing information warfare during an undeclared war, in other words, this information warfare is planned for and is doing pro-war propaganda directed at Americans to sustain public support, and likely was used during the 2003 UNJUST wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.
• The Trumpster’s claiming that our free press is “fake news”, but he is a dangerous lying psycho.
• The posting of fake news articles on the internet, but so what, everyone has a duty to use their common sense.
• Hillary Clinton’s claim that the Russian’s hacked the DNC computers, because the large amount of documents (too much data) could not have been transmitted over the internet and so it had to be downloaded onto a thumb drive by someone which physical access to the DNC computer.

Our military must maintain readiness to provide for our nation’s common defense.

We support:
• Allowing all qualified volunteers to serve our nation, regardless of their sex, color, race, creed, religion or sexual orientation.
• Providing troops and veterans with appropriate medical, dental, and psychological treatment and rehabilitation.
• Changing our military pension policy regarding to take into account repeated deployment /tours in armed combat zones to be eligible for some percentage of a pension usually given for 20 years of service.
• The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.
• Pulling the US military out of the NATO alliance.
• Stopping of the deployment and stationing of US troops into Eastern European nations that were formally part of the Soviet Union.
• The continued use of landmines on the border between North and South Korea.
• The prosecution of the US military officials who authorized the use of depleted uranium ammunition by US forces during the Bosnia vs. Serb war, Iraq, and Afghanistan war and given on impact this ammunition releases radioactive hot particles that remain in the environment for a very long time and causes birth defects and serious degradation civilian health (a war crime).
• The continuation of the prosecution of US military personnel via courts martial in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and not in civilian courts.
• Training of foreign military or police forces of a nation that suppresses human rights or uses torture.

We oppose:
• Using women in a combat platoons or companies with men, only allow women to service in separate all women combat platoons or companies.
• Cutting veterans benefits.
• Using civilian contractors like Blackwater in place of military personnel, notwithstanding no soldier enjoys doing pots and pans while on KP.
• The UNJUST and illegal wars in Iraq in violation of our UN Treaty.
• Doing crime fighting all over earth and Afghanistan, notwithstanding the half-baked Congressional resolution to go hunting for Al Qaeda FOREVER, and still there is no hard evidence that the alleged 19 (mostly Saudi Arabian) hijackers did 9/11 and there is irrefutable evidence the World Trade Center building were destroyed by explosions.
• The use of active sonar in the Salish Sea.
• The using of ghost prisoners, secret jails, and kidnapping and rendition of people to proxy nations that is known to likely use torture, and torture; to include cramped confinement, forced standing, sleep deprivation, a jail that is too hot and too cold, using the fear of insects, dogs, etc. and waterboarding.

Hi Dick, this is clearly a topic that you feel passionate about. This is not the venue for your essays. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that Transition Whatcom maintains a focus on local and regional issues. In fact, staying close to local needs and events is the whole point.

Transition Whatcom also counts among our supporters people with widely varying opinions. We look for issues we can agree on, and if that is just gardening, gardening is a good start. 

Regards, Celt


Yes, I know my ideas as to what is important are not those that even the rest of my 2018 Snohomish County Democratic Party platform committee agree upon.   Many of my views have been deleted from the draft which will be presented at our April 22, 2018 convention.   I see Transition Whatcom agrees with me about global warming and peak oil.   

Thanks for all you all do.

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