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I am running for WA State Representative


I request your endorsement.

Dick McManus for WA State Representative

Democrat  - 21st Legislative District  in 2014

Position 2:


see  facebook page


and/or see yahoo page



Chief Warrant Officer/counterintelligence special agent, and combat paramedic, Vietnam, US Army retired and former King county cop and Seattle Police Department 911 operator

BS in psychology and nursing -

South Everett, WA



Where I stand on the issues, part one and two  as of Oct. 14, 2013.  


Name one other candidate for public office that will do this?   If I have not listed one let me know.


My facebook pages.

Prosecute Bush for war crimes

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9/11 Truth Seattle (Community)



The End of Cheap Oil



my newsletter (aka blog)


my online book - a work in progress:

Learn about the crimes of the CIA and US war crimes, Department of Justice- cover-up of drug trafficking, etc


Green Democratic Party of the USA

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Public officials  - Weeding out the psycho-talkers



We need to be asking all our candidates and elected officials what they don’t believe in to weed out the psycho-talkers.   In order for the citizens to know who they really are, public officials and candidate must speak up on all issues, not just local and state issues.  Some national issues go to the very heart of who they are.  For example: 


 Do they believe, there are little green men in a freezer at area 51. Yes people have seen strange things/lights in the sky that are unexplained, but I don't believe anyone has looked an out-space alien (or from some where else) in the face, etc. 


Do they believe some intelligence beings (aliens) from another solar system planted a seed into an Earth animals that evolved in humans (jump starting human evolution), that some our advanced technology was copied from alien space craft that crashed, that the US government has recovered parts of an alien out-space craft, or aliens brought to earth technology that that uses pyramids and/or obelisks to make energy, and do they believe that some intelligence beings are watching humans on Earth and waiting for us to grow more civilized or whatever.


Do they believe that we will never run out of cheap oil. 


Do they believe that Nikola Tesla invented unlimited free energy and the super rich don’t want you to know about discovery.


Do they believe that people can bend spoons with their minds, can some how predict what will happen in the future, communicate with dead people, read other people's thoughts and that science my someday humans will be able to time travel their bodies to the future or to the past.


Do they believe in ghosts and demons and/or on a clear night a full moon makes people loony.  

Do they think that the US did not really landed a man on the moon, that the holocaust of the Jews did not happened, and that our national income tax is unconstitutional.


Do they believe that man-made global warming is a myth and nothing to worry about.


Do they believe the risks for developing autism out weights the benefit of immunizations.


Do they believe that fluoride used to prevent tooth decay in our drinking water, is poisoning our citizens.


Weirdest Fundamentalist Christian Conspiracy Theories


1) Same-sex marriage is an elaborate scheme concocted by lesbians to entrap men.

2) Gay men wear special rings for the sole purpose of giving innocent straights HIV. 

3) The abortion-mad Chinese eat human fetuses. 

4) Crazed liberals in Illinois want to teach 5-year-olds how to have sex.

5) Charles Darwin took it all back the day he died. 

6)  They are trying to lure your children into Satanism with Harry Potter books.

9) Birth control pill turns your uterus into a grave littered with teeny-weeny corpses of fully formed babies.

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