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I came across a copy of the city of Fairfield, Iowa, strategic plan to go green by 2020 and attaching a pdf here.


From that document:

We believe it is our obligation to be stewards of the natural resources entrusted to us and our responsibility to protect our environment and eco-system for all future generations. We believe we can fulfill this obligation through listening, communicating, and acting collectively, while honoring the diversity of opinions and interests in our community. We envision that through education, leadership, and private and public partnerships, patterns of sustainability will be demonstrated through community-wide action....



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Awesome! Go Iowa in the heartland of Turtle Island continent!

We often receive deeply profound messages and teachings in our Ayahausca ceremonies and can feel super excited to begin implementing new habits and ways of thinking into our daily lives. Often participants will feel excited to share their experience with others soon after arriving back home. We do recommend some caution here as those that have not experienced Ayahausca may have a difficult time understanding your experience and may feel uncomfortable in this new energy. Feel free to take as much time as you need to process before sharing it with others and only share what feels comfortable to you. An attitude of gratitude can make us happier, improve our self-esteem, improve our mental strength, enhance empathy, open door to more relationships, help us be more optimistic, increase our self-esteem and can help us bounce back after difficult circumstances. Take the opportunity to expand your circle of friends, finding people that you feel more open and free to speak and connect with. You may be able to find other like-minded people that live near you.

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